Day Services

Director – Missy Perez

Day Services is a Monday thru Friday program that operates under the guidelines of the Department of Health and Senior Services, the Department of Mental Health, and/or the Veterans Administration

Our Program

Is designed so people with disabilities may come together in a medically supervised group environment to socialize and work on independent living skills. Individuals can participate in person centered plans that engage in a wide variety of activities that include life skills, exercise, educational, recreational, and community volunteering.

What We Provide

Nurse Supervision

Support Staff

Person Centered Plan

Morning & Noon Meals


* Within our defined area.*


Day Services Locations

Saint Robert, MO

Salem, MO

What people say?

The CP Center has provided important blessings for our family and for many like us. The Center’s competent leadership has not only excelled in administering numerous programs for the benefit of the disabled, it has enlarged its sphere of influence, meeting a broader scope of needs for a larger population of clients with a professional staff.
Our small town doesn't offer many opportunities for persons with special needs. The CP Center has given our daughter a chance to make new friends and do a lot of fun activities five days a week. When Sara goes to the CP center, she feels like she has a purpose that day. We have seen her grow into a more confident person since she has been going to the CP Center. It has been a blessing for our family.
S&L Hayes